ASPECT Structural Engineers Announces Two New Principal Positions

Ilana Danzig and Will Watson are now ASPECT Principals, adding to the firm’s respected local and global leadership.

Established in 2016, ASPECT has experienced continued growth over the past eight years, due to both the clear-minded leadership of the firm’s Founding Principals, as well as the commitment of local and global ASPECT team members. Adding to the existing ASPECT Principal team – which includes Bernhard Gafner, Andrew Chad, Mehrdad Jahangiri, Gina Sheppard, and Adam Gerber – the announcement of these two new Principals signals both an affirmation of this continued growth, as well as a realignment of the firm’s leadership team. Both Ilana and Will embody ASPECT’s core values of quality, accountability, drive, diversity, and collaboration, and will act as ambassadors of the firm as we continue to grow.

Below is a bit more information about Ilana and Will – their locations, their tenure with the firm, and a deep dive into the value that they provide to our teams and to our clients.



Ilana Danzig, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., M.Eng., PE, SE,
Managing Principal, Vancouver

Ilana Danzig joined ASPECT in 2019, and it was immediately clear that she was an irreplaceable leader for our internal and external project teams. With more than 15 years of structural engineering experience, and a thorough understanding of all material types across project typologies. Her twin passions for mass timber and seismic design became the foundation for much of her work today, including her developing expertise in emerging areas, such as off-site prefabrication and construction engineering for mass timber buildings. Beyond her technical expertise, the way that Ilana works – her organizational skills, her communication style, her collaborative nature – quickly became noticed and admired by both staff and clients. Ilana’s leadership has delivered boundary-pushing projects such as the developments at District 56 in Langford BC – including Tallwood 1, the first Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction (EMTC) tall wood building in Canada, and Terminus, which includes the first steel/timber hybrid buckling-restrained brace (BRB) lateral system. Her experience has also frequently extended beyond the borders of BC, and Ilana has helped to significantly grow ASPECT’s portfolio of work across the United States as well.

Ilana’s work within ASPECT has also directly led to significant leadership and research opportunities outside of ASPECT. She regularly advocates for more women in the engineering industry, and openly discusses design solutions that align with widespread society needs (such as sustainable wood and timber design solutions in response to the housing crisis). Because of her expertise, in combination with her natural ability to explain complex topics clearly and succinctly, Ilana is a highly sought speaker and instructor in the industry, with multiple publications to her credit.

As Managing Principal of ASPECT’s Vancouver office, Ilana is accountable for the performance and operations of our Vancouver teams and projects. While she has been a respected leader for ASPECT since she first walked through the door, as Principal, Ilana’s guidance and vision will be further amplified as both the Vancouver office and the firm continue to grow.



Will Watson, SE, PE
Principal, Head of Engineering

Will Watson joined ASPECT in November of last year and, while his time with ASPECT has been short, he has already made a significant impact. Over the course of his more than 15 years in the industry, Will has worn many hats. He is based out of Seattle, Washington, and is licensed as a professional engineer and structural engineer in multiple States. He has a proven history developing and leading project execution strategies for international, multi-disciplinary engineering firms on projects around the world, including work on the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi, and the New International Airport in Mexico City.

In addition to his hands-on project delivery experience, Will has a strong background in product design, pre-fabrication design, and manufacturing support. He understands the “big picture” of engineering operations, as well as the details of product development.

Will has joined our firm not only as Principal, but also as Head of Engineering – a role through which he will share his passion for scalable construction practices on a global level. Providing leadership for company-wide efficiency and collaboration, Will leads project delivery systems, applying methods to enhance quality and efficiency for all of ASPECT.



To learn more about these new positions, please reach out to Ilana or Will through their LinkedIn pages, or contact Samantha Armitage, Director of Marketing & Communications.