Bowen Island Community Centre

This facility brings together a number of programmes under one roof: arts and recreation, the offices and Council Chambers of the municipal hall, and a community ‘living room’ where residents can gather and connect on a daily basis.

Drawing on the unique building traditions of Bowen Island, the project prioritizes connection between community activities, and close integration with the landscape. Learn More


Principle Architecture | Bowen Island, BC

1313 East Pender

Five storeys of retail and office space. The structure consists of reinforced concrete with mass timber at the upper storeys.
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Taylor Kurtz Architecture + Design | Vancouver, BC

Kitsilano Secondary School Renewal*

Key features of the renewal of Kitsilano Secondary School include the construction of a new academic wing, an all-weather playing field, three gymnasiums, a 350-seat theatre and outdoor learning spaces. The school’s historic facade was retained and ensures that the renewed school will be immediately recognizable. Large expanses of glass and abundant natural light create open and inviting central spaces. These areas, along with spaces designed for individual and collaborative group work, facilitate educational approaches that are at the heart of modern learning. This project is LEED® Gold certified. Learn More


KMBR | Vancouver, BC

Deerfoot City Mall*

A master planned retail destination: Deerfoot City Mall. Shops, restaurants and entertainment positioned for an infusion of vibrancy, creating natural social zones that will bring people together all year long. Open-air boulevards, stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. Learn More


DIALOG | Calgary, AB


The Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL) is TRIUMF’s flagship multidisciplinary research facility, expanding Canada’s capabilities to produce and study isotopes for physics and medicine. ARIEL is unique, as the building itself is one of the many components of the machine. The form of the 5-level concrete building is strongly influenced by the pathway of the beam lines associated with the electron linear accelerators and Cyclotron, and the technical requirements of both the space and safety. Learn More


Chernoff Thompson Architects | Vancouver, BC