The Ribbon Building

The Ribbon building is a new development in the Distillery District that runs nearly the full length along the southern border of the district. A 29-story tower with a “heritage feel” and timber interior that creates the feeling of an old industrial warehouse. Learn More...


ShoP Architects | Toronto, Canada

The RMIT Garden Building*

The RMIT Garden Building is a 4-storey multi-purpose greenspace in the Central Business District campus of RMIT University in Melbourne. The primary structure consists of square glulam columns and long primary glulam beams. Spanning between the primary beams are long TCC panels with glulam beams and concrete topping. A 3D structural analysis of the lateral load resisting system including a combination of glulam bracing and a masonry core was performed to ensure all elements were detailed effectively to resist the lateral loads.


NMBW | Melbourne, Australia

Sea to Sky Elevated Tree Walk

This iconic structure has been designed to integrate into nature from all angles and viewpoints. The tree walk will gently wind around a structure that draws visitors from the base, through the treetops, and up high into the clouds. The spiral architecture will not only offer panoramic open-air views, but will also provide cover over the walkway for a year-round. Learn More...


Sea to Sky Gondola | Squamish, BC

Musqueam Pavilion*

Built for 2010 Olympics, this pavilion’s brilliant architecture was inspired by the traditional woven cedar hat used by Indigenous people across the region.


Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden | Vancouver, BC

Swinburne University Factory of the Future*

A two storey high timber ball in the centre of the Factory space acts as a divider, and accommodator of interactive collaboration. Manufactured from a curved timber substructure covered with a panelised curved timber ply skin creating a seamless appearance for this unique timber structure. Learn more...


H2o Architects | Melbourne, Australia

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens*

Designed to meet the Living Building Challenge, the most rigorous set of requirements of sustainability. Formally and functionally, it encompasses the goals of environmentally and socially conscious design. The building is an undulating landscape of interior and exterior spaces rising from ground to roof level and providing a vast surface area on which vegetation could grow, thus reoccupying the land on which the building sits with the landscape. Learn more...


Perkins+ Will | Vancouver, BC