The design of two mass timber buildings located in Langford, BC is currently underway: Terminus (5 stories, office) and Tallwood (12 stories, residential). The structural systems have been carefully chosen for each building to balance cost, functionality, and performance. Learn more...


Jack James Architect | Langford, BC

UBC Aquatic Centre*

A sectional split brings light deep into the center of the natatorium plan, where it is reflected or diffused to provide required natural lighting condition. Fully accessible and inclusive, while visually symbolizing the eminent venue of international competition. Designed to LEED Gold standards, the project focuses on daylighting, innovative water re-use and air quality strategies that are precedent-setting for North American aquatic facilities. Learn More...


Acton Ostry Architects / MJMA | Vancouver, BC

OSU Advanced Wood Products Center*

The Oregon Forest Science Complex uses advanced wood products including cross-laminated timber made in Oregon. The complex showcases Oregon State’s premier forestry and wood science initiatives and devotion to improving our forest landscapes and ecosystems. Learn More.


Michael Green Architecture | Corvallis, OR

Radium Hot Springs Community Centre*

The Radium Hot Springs Community Hall and Library was built using an innovative DLT roof structure supported by glue laminated timber (glulam) beams and columns.  Local sourcing was integrally important to the project. This project as featured on naturally:wood


Urban Arts Architecture | Radium, BC

Audain Art Museum*

A beautiful, dynamic project that literally wraps users around nature, blurring the boundaries between man-made and natural. It creates a cultural magnet to help educate not only art, but eco-friendly design. Featured in Architect Magazine.


Patkau Architects | Whistler, BC