B&B Guimarães

Guimarães, Portugal

This is a new B&B facility. The two base levels are reinforced concrete with two 4-storey CREE buildings overtop, with a total floor area of 7,200m2 (77,500 sq.ft.). The area of the CREE system is around 4,100m2 (44,000 sq.ft.).
The CREE floor panels span 6.3m and 8.1m respectively. An interior steel girder along one side of the corridor picks up these floor slabs. The girder is flush with the floor system to avoid any downstands.
The perimeter columns are exposed glulam and integrated into the façade panels. These façade panels are fully prefabricated in the shop. This allows for a quick and reliable installation of the system. And once the floor panels are in place, the building is weatherproof and protected from rain – allowing the followup trades to commence their work much faster than compared to a traditional approach.
Aspect is engaged to provide specialty engineering services on the CREE building system and to support the design team on the interfaces to the base building. We are also able to provide the shop drawing package for the entire CREE system – hybrid floor slabs, steel girders and columns, and prefabricated light wood frame façade panels.

Rendering courtesy of Grupo Casais.

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