Sidewalk Talk: Introducing PMX 15

We’re proud to be able to finally share more of our work with Sidewalk Labs: introducing…PMX 15! Building on our learnings from PMX 35, we’ve set out to further define and refine mass timber construction using a prefabricated, factory-built, “Kit of Parts” approach. This time we took the design up to construction level documents for a 15-storey mass timber building based in Seattle:

“Next, we wanted to test our ability to design a safe wooden structure in a seismic region. We decided to do that with a mid-rise building 15 stories tall, for a couple reasons. Many cities have a greater market demand for mid-rise buildings, and U.S. states and cities are also starting to adopt the 2021 International Building Code, which grants regulatory approval for timber structures up to 18 stories tall.”

This 2-part Sidewalk Labs blog will take you through the project and the choices, implications and learnings behind it:

  • Introducing PMX 15: Our model for a mid-rise timber building (Introduction)
  • Designing for a high seismic zone while meeting latest building code (Part 1)
  • Improving the factory kit of parts to achieve low-carbon, high-quality design (Part 2)

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(Image: Sidewalk Labs)