full spectrum mass timber expertise

Mass timber construction is in its renaissance and is a key tool in the global push to low carbon construction. Used appropriately, its structural advantages are evident – possessing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and carrying loads similar to those of concrete and steel.  Industrialized manufacturing makes it extremely precise, quality-controlled, and scalable.  All this, coupled with a faster, quieter, and cleaner construction process make it a no-brainer.

Successful mass timber buildings are the culmination of holistic and integrated design. Successful design is more than just putting pieces together – it’s the thorough consideration of architecture, materiality, acoustics, fire safety, fabrication, constructability… the list goes on.

the paradigm shift

Modern mass timber structures require modern approaches to delivery. Traditional design, construction processes, and procurement methods don’t always apply to mass timber. Why? It’s a nuanced, adaptable, yet particular material. The supply chain is not as mature as other systems, making it that much more important to work with those who fully understand the entire timber ecosystem – those who have an independent, unbiased perspective, and who can connect the dots from forest to frame.

here’s where we come in

Simply put: we know mass timber, inside and out – and our curiosity drives us to constantly ask “what’s possible”. With an unmatched understanding of the industry – from project inception and design, to the driving of the very last screw – our team has helped guide the mass timber evolution, pioneering and pushing the limits of what this material can do. Our combined 100+ years of experience allows for true integrated and holistic design. We are industry leaders who speak the language of architect, contractor, code consultant, timber supplier, owner, erector, carpenter – and more.

What’s the state of the industry? Who’s doing what? Who are the major (and emerging) players? The latest gossip? Ask us, we know. 

To be successful in our job requires us to stay on top of all the latest developments, and our offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Bern keep us dialled into the industry like no other. We always apply the latest know-how and advancements, setting our projects up for success.

We come from diverse backgrounds: carpentry, contracting, specialty fabrication and detailing – and engineering. With expertise that goes far beyond traditional structural engineering, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. We are active contributors to code development, R&D, academia, and training the next generation of mass timber experts. Our robust skillset and holistic understanding of construction puts us in a unique position to deliver boundary-pushing projects and drive the industry forward.

We take into account all aspects of design and construction – we actually named our company Aspect because of this! In an increasingly siloed AEC environment, we take the path less travelled. Our approach, philosophy and service offerings closely emulate those of a master builder, one who oversees and provides an overall perspective. The advantages to this approach are immense: less room for error, miscommunication, and scope gaps, to name a few. Simply a better process AND superior buildings. The applicability of this approach to mass timber is incredibly appropriate, where prefabrication meets virtual design, erection engineering meets the traditional structural engineer, and so on. This is the way to cut waste, and is the future of building delivery. 

mass timber service offering

Our mass timber services are the perfect complement to our traditional structural engineering services. As an independent consultant, Aspect is active across the entire, supply chain. We provide a range of services traditionally deferred to construction, including:

Specialty Engineering

Design Assist

Shop Drawings

Fabrication Design & Modelling

Erection Engineering

Virtual Construction Modelling

Value Engineering & Optimization

Procurement Planning/Strategy

Panel Design and Code Approvals

This powerful combination of capabilities means our clients can benefit from one cohesive package of services, resulting in efficient mass timber structures with significant impact.

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