Mid-Atlantic Wood Design Symposium

Join Duncan Bourke of ASPECT for a full day of seminars and an industry showcase, at the Mid-Atlantic Wood Design Symposium It promises to pack an informational punch for architects, engineers, contractors, developers, code officials and anyone interested in wood’s exciting design possibilities. This event is organized by WoodWorks at Pennsylvania Convention Center (September 19, 2019).

Duncan will present Mass Timber Connections: Building Structural Design Skills:

For engineers new to mass timber design, connections can pose a particular challenge. This session focuses on connection design principles and analysis techniques unique to mass timber products such as cross-laminated timber, glued-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber. The session will focus on connection design options ranging from commodity fasteners and pre-engineered wood products to custom-designed solutions. Discussion will also include a review of timber mechanics and load transfer, as well as considerations such as tolerances, fabrication, durability, fire, and shrinkage that are relevant to structural design.

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