162 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

New build. 32,000 sq. ft.

A 6-storey, 69-unit supportive housing development containing a mix of affordable and secured market rental micro-dwellings, as well as two grade-level commercial retail units. Storage and amenity spaces are provided at grade and basement levels, plus a full roof-top garden amenity area. The structure consists of 5 storeys of light wood frame construction over a concrete podium and basement levels. The long, narrow lot with zero lot line conditions on all four sides placed constraints on building form and presented challenges to accommodate structural elements, while satisfying the desired number of residential units and minimum suite dimensions. Working within these constraints, ASPECT coordinated closely with the architect and designed wood frame shear walls with shrinkage-compensating hold-down systems as an economical solution to achieve structural performance criteria.

Renderings courtesy of Birmingham & Wood

ArchitectBirmingham & WoodStatusCompleted, 2023

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