1925 Victoria Park

Toronto, ON

This ambitious mixed-use residential development will be Toronto’s first TGS Tier 4 sustainable residential building, and will be the first CREE Buildings system pilot project in Canada. A prototype to demonstrate the viability of a new type of sustainable development, the building is centred around an open courtyard which is surrounded by open-air corridors to maximize air flow and passive strategies. The west of the building will rise to 12 storeys, with the east at 6 storeys. The ground floor will host service-based retail serving the community.

The structure will employ a timber-concrete-composite floor system, supported on glulam/steel columns with steel girders. Steel braced frames provide the vertical lateral force resisting system. Balconies, hallways and elevator/stair cores are all steel framed. The facade will be comprised of prefabricated panels with integrated glulam columns.

Through thorough planning, as well as incorporation of the prefabricated building elements, a 17-week construction duration is anticipated in order to reduce disruption to the neighbourhood, and to rapidly deliver much-needed housing to market.

Aspect is providing full Engineer-of-Record services on the project, as well as specialty engineering, shop drawings for all timber and timber-concrete-composite and façade panels, and installation/temporary works engineering.

Renderings courtesy of Partisans.

ClientWell Grounded Real Estate ArchitectPartisans StatusDesign

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