Three Sixty Solar Towers

Various locations

Three Sixty Solar has developed an innovative and customizable solar tower system, which will support a variety of solar panels, and can also support supplementary elements including battery storage, water tanks, telecom antennas, etc. These towers are anticipated to be deployed at scale across the world. The project involves the base design of the towers which will be comprised of steel trusses and connections on concrete foundations. The system is designed to be easily customized based on the specific requirements of the geographic location of the towers, and the different steel sections that are locally available. We therefore developed a parametric design approach that allows for the rapid adaptation of designs to the appropriate site conditions, to minimize the cost while ensuring they meet all the applicable codes and standards for the jurisdiction in which they are located. This results in a start-to-finish workflow which mitigates impacts of the variables on design time. The parametric design process also allows us to quickly update the design of the towers to accommodate changing variables, such as height, width, plan geometry, and brace arrangements.

Renderings courtesy of Three Sixty Solar.

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