1925 Victoria Park, Toronto, ON

2023 Holcim Awards: 1925 Victoria Park Wins Gold

Ontario’s first 12-storey, near zero, mixed-use rental development, recognized at the Holcim Awards.

The Holcim Foundation aims to reduce the construction sector’s impact by spreading awareness to enable a future where built environments help both people and our ecosystems to thrive. As an extension of this mission, the Holcim Awards competition, created in 2004, advocates for the development of sustainable building solutions. Each year, the awards provide global recognition for the most significant approaches to sustainable design and construction. This year’s awards recently took place in Venice, where the 1925 Victoria Park project received the prestigious Gold Prize for North America. This mixed-use rental development located in Toronto, Ontario aims to transition the industry towards sustainable apartment living, utilizing decentralized manufacturing of modularized components to create a scalable and sustainable design solution.

A huge congratulations to Well Grounded Real Estate and PARTISANS on this impressive global recognition! Our team at ASPECT is honored to be a part of this award-winning development, along with Serotiny Group Inc. and CREE Buildings.

Continue reading to learn more about the project and its future implications for Canadian housing.


A high tech, low-cost solution for urban living.

The concept for this sustainable rental development focuses on a cost and energy- efficient solution for Toronto’s housing crisis. ASPECT is providing full Engineer-of-Record services for this new 12-storey residential building, as well as specialty engineering, shop drawings for all timber and timber-concrete-composite and façade panels, and installation/temporary works engineering. The structural system will incorporate prefabricated building elements, which allow for a 17-week construction duration, intended to minimize disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood, and to rapidly provide much-needed housing to the market. The building showcases a central open courtyard that is surrounded by open-air corridors to maximize air flow and regulate the building temperature through passive ventilation. In addition to the environmental benefits, the building design is meant to enable social connection and create a sense of community amongst tenants.

In Canada, and beyond.

Through thoughtful design, 1925 Victoria Park will provide future residents with a nature-centric living environment that promotes physical and social health. The project has surpassed the City of Toronto’s Green Standard Tier 4, while approaching net-zero. The jury for the 2023 Holcim Awards emphasizes the project’s excellence and scalability is “a promising solution for sustainable housing production within the Canadian context and beyond.”

With the design stage now complete, we are eager to see the construction process turn this ambitious project into a reality.


Renderings courtesy of Partisans

Full winners list from the 2023 Holcim Awards: https://www.holcimfoundation.org/awards-2023

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